100% Biodegradable Sky Lanterns
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Our quality range of Flying Chinese / Thai Sky Lanterns for sale

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Our range of flying lanterns

White Coloured Flying Lantern Coloured Flying Chinese Lantern Heart Shaped Flying Sky Lantern Football Shaped Sky Lantern

White Sky Lanterns

Various sizes.


Coloured Sky Lanterns

Various sizes. All colours.


Heart Sky Lanterns

1 size. All colours.


Football Sky Lanterns

1 size. All colours.


Printed Chinese Sky Lantern Flag Design Thai Lantern Cubic Shaped Flying Lantern Novelty Designed Paper Lantern

Printed Sky Lanterns

Various sizes. All colours.    Your logo.

Custom Flag Design Sky Lanterns

Various sizes. All colours.   Most designs.

Cubic Sky Lanterns

Various sizes

Max size 160 x 160cm. All colours. Ideal for printing logos etc.

Novelty Sky Lanterns

Various designs

Doraemon, Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and more.

We offer many sizes of sky lanterns and can custom make to your requirements. The most common size sky lantern is 46cm x 90cm to peak. This size offers the best value in terms of shipping and usability. We do however make smaller or larger sizes to suit your specific requirements. Example sizes are:

Economy: 38 x 70cm / 15 x 28 inches

Standard: 46 x 90cm / 18 x 35 inches

Medium: 46 x 110cm / 18 x 43 inches

Large: 70 x 110cm / 28 x 43 inches

XLarge: 80 x 195cm / 31 x 76 inches

XXLarge: 100 x 205cm / 39 x 80 inches

Please contact us for advice on our sky lantern sizes to fit your budget and event.

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