100% Biodegradable Sky Lanterns
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Q. Are Sky Lanterns safe to use.

A. Yes, when adhering to the safety guide and instructions provided. Far safer than fireworks and that of lesser quality sky lanterns available.

Q. Are Sky Lanterns environmentally friendly?

A. Yes indeed! Our sky lanterns unlike many other types of sky lanterns avaliable are manufactured entirely from environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials i.e .recycled acid-free 17gsm paper, waste bamboo and wax. When the fuel cell extinguishes the sky lanterns parachute gently back to earth and will biodegrade.

Q. What altitude do sky lanterns achieve?

A. Like a hot air balloon the altitude reached will depend on the atmospheric and geographical conditions at the launch site as well as the size of the lantern and fuel cell used. We know some of our sky lanterns have reached altitudes of 800 metres.

Q. What are the ideal conditions to release sky lanterns?

A. Sky lanterns are best released when the weather is clear and fine with only a light wind. They should be released in open areas clear of any obstructions such as overhead power cables, tall buildings, trees, flight paths etc. It is not advisable to release them when it is raining.

Q. How are sky lanterns assembled and released?

A. Our sky lanterns are easy to assemble simply by attaching the wax fuel cell. To launch just follow the simple instructions enclosed with each pack. No tools are required for assembly and sky lanterns can be launched single handedly or together with colleagues.

Q. Do you supply larger sky lanterns than your XXL?

A. No we do NOT, the XXL is the largest lantern that can be used safely. Any larger than this is extremely dangerous. Not only for the user but also aircraft as well as people on the ground as the speed of decent is much greater. Certain large cubic sky lanterns, some known as Mega Kube which are available on the internet are lethal if landed on traffic. Easily covering a cars windscreen or a motorcyclist/cyclist due to the sheer size of them. Another issue is the size of the fuel cell which often still smolders once it has fallen to the ground which can be disastrous in so many ways. So please do not ask, we respect your safety and that of others and the environment.

Q. What is the delivery time?

A. Orders of up to 500 sky lanterns can be sent by normal postal services taking approximately 10-14 days to Europe & USA. Other destinations will vary.

For larger quantities we can deliver by air or seafreight and also offer the courier services of EMS,DHL or Fedex. Typical worldwide airfreight delivery times are 7 days and 30 days for seafreight using our approved shipping agents.

Q. Payment terms.

A. Payments in US Dollars, Sterling or Thai Baht can be made by direct bank transfer into our account. Payments in other currencies can be made online via Paypal.

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