Pingxi Chinese Lanterns Festival 2013

The Annual Pingxi Festival Releasing Chinese Lanterns In Celebrating Chinese New Year

Chinese Lanterns for Chinese New Year

Pingxi Chinese Lanterns

The Pingxi festival in Taipei where thousands of Chinese Lanterns are released to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Every year celebrating Chinese New Year between January and February (depending on the lunar calender) the district of Pingxi in Taipei since 1999 hosts one of the world’s most famous Chinese lantern festivals. Similar to Thailand’s Loy Krathong festival in a way, with thousands of flying lanterns being released into the sky. This year between the 9th and 24th Feb you will see the true beauty of these sky lanterns floating high into the Taipei sky. The main lantern festival in Pingxi takes place on the 15th day of the new lunar calendar that being the 24th Feb, this year.

Heart Chinese Lanterns

Heart Shaped Chinese Lantern to be released celebrating Valentines day during the Pingxi festival 2013

During the festival on the 14th of Feb which is Valentines day they will be releasing a very large heart shaped Chinese lantern with hundreds of smaller heart lanterns also being released. Almost a multi celebration festival!! While on the 24th of February thousands of lanterns will be released in celebration of the first full moon of the Year of the Snake.


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