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Other names for sky lanterns include Chinese Flying Lanterns, Sky Balloons

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About Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns were originally used hundreds of years ago as signaling devices by the military, as the omitted light from the sky lantern can be seen from miles around. More recently they are used for celebrations and other special occasions, one festival in particular in which sky lanterns or khom loy (their Thai name) are used is the famous Loy Krathong festival in Thailand. Folklore has it that the sky lanterns carry away with them bad spirits and misfortune high into the sky and far away leaving behind only good luck and fortune for the releaser. Over the past several years sky lanterns have become more and more popular due to tourists visiting Thailand and seeing them in action as well as films such as "The Beach".

When our flying sky lanterns are simultaneously released into the night sky they create a truly mesmerizing display, which is both noiseless and environmentally friendly. They are ideally suited for a multitude of functions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, New Year celebrations and the like.

Sky Lanterns also known as Chinese Flying Lanterns, Khom Loy, Chinese Lanterns, UFO Balloons, Thai Sky Lanterns, Wedding Lanterns, Fire Balloons, Flying lanterns, Floating Lanterns, Sky Balloons, etc, utilise the latent energy of fire, all you have to do is light a sky lantern then watch it float high into the sky creating a really unforgettable moment.

Our fully biodegradable sky lanterns are made out of recycled acid-free paper, non-toxic waste wax and reclaimed bamboo. Supplied with a full safety guide and are available in various shapes, sizes and colours with simple to use instructions:

• Attach the fuel cell

• Extend the sky lantern to its full height

• Light the sky lantern fuel cell

• Wait for the hot air to fill the sky lantern

• Release and Enjoy!!!!!

Of course flight time, altitude and distance achieved from the sky lanterns are always dependant on local weather conditions together with any local safety restrictions. When the onboard fuel cell below at the bottom of the sky lantern extinguishes the sky lantern will parachute slowly back to earth.

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